For a parent, there's nothing like it and no amount you wouldn't pay for it.

Watching your children grow in confidence as they master new skills on the water is priceless, no matter how old or young your children are. In Waroona last summer, my heart almost exploded as I watched my 7 and 9 year old find their feet on boards and my teenagers cheer them on from the stern. In all my 16 years of parenting, I've not found any other sport, adventure or event that will engage every family member like watersports. Even my 8 month old enjoys the ride! It's a complete joy and it's worth every last penny we spend.


Mirror at Burswood. Where's the boat? 

Mirror at Burswood. Where's the boat? 

Sharing the moments when the impossible is made possible 

For me, water-skiing is about more than the thrill and the fun. It’s about connecting with people and sharing that moment when you’re doing something that you never thought you could do. My brother and I always wanted to water-ski with 4 people but our boat never had that kind of power or capability. Then we got a Nautique. We decided we would give it a try and it was definitely worth it. All 4 of us managed to surf and wakeboard at the same time. No amount of money compares with that experience.


Would love to see this on WA waters.